Attractions Near Hotel Naniwa Shinsekai 2

To our valued guests, these information is a continuation of our first batch of post regarding the nearby attractions that you can see within Hotel Naniwa Shinsekai`s place. We hope these information can help you as you enjoy your stay here with us.

  1. Shittenoji Temple – an old temple in Tennoji Osaka which is believed to be mysterious and gained prominence throughout the region. It is said to be as one of the strong and beautiful among all the temple that are here in Osaka. 
  2. Tennoji Zoo – For those animal lovers, you may want to visit this place which has lots of animals inside. This zoo has also a park outside which is quite big for you to enjoy. You may walk around and feel the beautiful nature inside the city.
  3. Abeno Harukas – The highest building in Osaka and the second highest building in Japan next to Tokyo Skytree. There are also shopping mall and restaurants inside and if you go to the rooftop, you can be able to see the spectacular view of Osaka.
  4. Abeno QS Mall – Not your typical mall since this shopping mall has something unique to offer inside. With lots of monthly sales and discounted items, I am sure shoppaholics will like this one.
  5. Mega Don Quijote – The famous shopping center for foreigners especially for souvenir foods and items. This Don Quijote has many branches all over Japan and comes from different building sizes and items to offer. The one near our hotel, as the name its says, MEGA, means big and has many items to offer.