Attractions near Shinsekaimae Hotel

Located in a suitable place for relaxation, travel, adventure and fun, Hotel Naniwa Shinsekaimae is surrounded by many attractions which will help your stay in Osaka become a memorable one. We have listed here some of the places you can visit as you stay in the hotel. These places can be visited on foot, meaning, no car or transportation is needed. Just pure walk. We hope you enjoy! Your smile and joy matters to us!


  1. Tsutenkaku Tower – the famous tower which is said to be the oldest tower in osaka and the highest form of built structure in the old times. There is a restaurant at the top as well as an observatory deck for viewing. Going inside requires a little entrace fee of less than a 1,000 yen. a perfect place for couples. A good view whether day or night.

  1. Spa World Onsen – Need a good bath? Make sure you do not missed visiting this amazing place. You can experience sauna, shower, steam bath and taking a bath in an entirely different level and athmosphere. It comes comes in many designs since they built many pools and saunas inside which mimic the different places of various countries. Asia, Europe, Middle East, America and more! Not only this, there are also water playgound, restaurants, resting place, gift shop, massage and other relaxing facilitites inside this big building. We are pretty sure you gonna love this one.

  1. Kushikatsu Restaurants– As you walk around, you will notice that there are many restaurants  selling foods which are on a stick. These are called kushikatsu. The famous food in the area. Almost all Japanese love this food especially while drinking a beer. Dip it in their unique sauce, whoa! It is really worth it. So delicious!