KIX Airport to Hotel Naniwa Shinsekaimae

1.  From Kansai Airport, ride the Rapit (NANKAI LINE) train. You may ask the guards/officer-on-duty in the airport for the location of the station. You need to get off on Tengachaya Station. Upon arrival, search for  the exit then proceed to the subway trains (SAKAISUJI LINE) until Ebisucho Station- the closest station from the hotel then walk your way to EXIT No. 2 and turn left at the police station upon exit. The hotel is only  2-minute walk away from the exit. You will see the signboard/billboard of the hotel upon turning left.

2. VIA LIMOUSINE BUS: The location of the bus in the airport is at bus stop no. 11. You may ask the personnel in charge for the location, The bus then will take you to your final stop – (Namba OCAT)
and from there, take the subway train (SAKAISUJI LINE) and get off at Ebisucho Station.
Proceed to Exit No.2.You will be able to see the signboard/billboard of the hotel upon turning left.
3. If you decide to get off at Namba Station or to any other parts of Osaka, you may take a taxi/cab going to the hotel.
Just tell/present the address to the taxi driver and they will kindly take you t the hotel.
The hotel is near the Naniwa Police Station as well as the Tsutenkaku Tower. Thank you very much.
Please refer to the following website for more information.
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Universal Studios Japan Access

 To our beloved guests, here is the quickest and easiest way for you to reach USJ!

From the hotel, walk directly towards Ebisucho Station (Sakaisuji Line) and ride the train going to Nippombashi Station in platform No. 2. When you reach Nippombashi station, please look for the Kintetsu Nippombashi Line which is located one floor below. Yes, you imagined it right, it is a subway within a subway just beneath the station so you need to go down a little more.

Take the train going to Nishikujo. Upon arrival, you need to change from that station to the train that goes directly to USJ and alas! You are there! So fast and easy! Take note that Nishikujo station is a JR Line. So from Kintetsu Line you will be changing to JR Line.

Same directions also for going back – ride from USJ to Nishikujo then Nishikujo to Kintetsu Nippombashi then to Ebisucho (Sakaisuji Line). But, upon returning, the name Kintetsu Line will be changed to Hanshin Line. (Do not be confused, it is the same train line but only the name was changed due to an unknown reason.) Just be sure to get your way to Kintetsu Nippombashi then to Ebisucho Station which is the nearest station to the hotel.

For better understanding, please take a look in the short diagram below:


30-minute ride for ¥690


30-minute ride for ¥690

There are also many useful pictures and directions inside the train stations to help you get there.

Thank you so much and Enjoy!







感谢大家浏览大阪浪花酒店2号分店网页,酒店附近最近的车站是恵美須町车站,从地下铁鉄堺筋線 恵美須町駅车站的2号 出口到酒店走路只需5分钟。









住所 :〒556-0006
TEL : 06-6606-9230
FAX : 06-6606-9231。



三层展示100年前通天阁,新世界,Luna Park(1912废止)的视频和照片,还有咖啡馆可供休憩

地址:〒556-0002 大阪府大阪市浪速区惠美须东1丁目18-6
票价:成人700日元 大学生500日元 中学生400日元 小学生500日元 幼儿(5岁以上)300日元








LOST PASSPORT? GUIDE and TIPS on what to do.

Good Day!
We are always looking for all the possible ways on how to help you during your stay here in Osaka. Some of you might have a trouble with a lost passport. Among our guests, those who lost their passports and asking for help.
Here are some tips on what to do if you lost your passport here in Japan.

1. When you lost your passport

Passport is the most reliable way to prove your identity when traveling abroad. You can’t enter a country without a passport, and you cannot check in at the hotel. When you lose your important passport, you must first find an embassy or consulate. You can get temporary travel documents from the embassy and use it when you return to your home country. At this time, it is helpful if you have ID such as a resident registration card or driver’s license.

TIP before going abroad: 

It is also better to have 2 passport photos and a copy of your passport in case you lose your passport. But it would be best to always check your passport everytime, so you do will lose your passport.

You can check in the link below for your consulate contact details:


2. If you have lost your wallet with your credit card and cash or expensive valuables

You need to calmly report your credit card loss. If your card is lost, you need to contact your credit card service provider as soon as possible within 24 hours. If expensive items such as cameras are stolen, have them report theft to the local police station. For traveler’s insurance, you must have a stolen certificate to get coverage. However, if you make a false report more than the stolen object, you will be punished. It’s a good idea to keep your cash in case of loss or theft. As much as possible, it is best to bring only one or two credit card.

You can check in the link below for POLICE STATION contact details:


If you have lost, stolen, or have spent all your budget

You have to withdraw money using your cash card or credit card.
But if you do not have one, you can make an emergency request to the embassy or consulate. It is a way to contact a family member or acquaintance in your country to receive money from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can ask and receive a certain amount per person and get paid right after you make a deposit, so you can solve the problem quickly.

Police contact details:
For URGENT calls: DIAL 110
Lost and Found: (03) 3814-4151
General Information: (03) 3501-0110 (Japanese & English)
(03) 3503-8484 (English & Several Other Foreign Language)












Safekeeping for Baggage

Safekeeping for Baggage

In Hotel Naniwa, we can keep your baggage before and after your check-in/out.

 Baggage storage is available on and/or 3 days prior your check-in date, and

  until 10 in the evening (10PM) on your check-out date.


办理离店手续后,酒店可以免费保存行李 限当天晚上10点为止

# For guests who wish to deliver their baggage in the hotel:

Please write your name and the date of the reservation clearly and send your baggage to the address below. Please take note that `Cash-on-delivery` (COD) of baggage is not allowed.




Zip: 556-0006
HOTEL NANIWA  Shinsekaimae  , 3-16-11, Nihonbashi higashi,
Naniwa-ku, Osaka.                                              
TEL  06-6606-9230

2017 Newly Opened Hotel + Homepage

To our beloved guests,

The long wait is over! Thank you for your patience.

We are proud to introduce our second newly opened hotel  –  “Hotel Naniwa Shinsekai” . In line with its opening, a new homepage was also opened at the same time. It is a very nice place for sightseeing and business, where you can see one of the tower attraction in Osaka, the Tsutenkaku Tower located in the immediate vicinity. We hope to see you in your future travel here in Osaka.

You can access us via our contact number and thru the different internet sites.

We gladly welcome you on your stay here. See you soon.

Thank you in advance.